Can Unreal Engine be used for CGI in films

So I am a filmmaker, but I dabble in game design, so I am wondering if the effects in the Unreal Engine can be used to create realistic backgrounds and animations to be used in movies.

Hello joshuarobison1,

To answer your question, the engine at its core is for video game design itself. That being said, you should check out these fantastic art and visual cinematic’s some people in our community. The power of Unreal Engine 4 can be used to create some amazing realistic scenes, so to answer your question. Yes! :slight_smile:

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Also I am not sure if you have seen them or not, but we have a couple of very intense cinematic scenes that are realistic and have everything the animator, art enthusiast, and game designer could want!

Infiltrator Demo: - YouTube

Elemental Demo: - YouTube

I hope this answers your question!

Thanks, you answered my question for the most part, but also, I want to know if scenes you create using matinee can be exported to be used in a video editor. But thank you for answering my question.

Yes they can. And you are welcome.

Do you know where I could find the information on how to do that?

Here you are. Some helpful documentation on Unreal Matinee

Hello , My question is in tandem to this one. It two-fold: 1) Do I need any external or 3rd party software to bring something like what’s in that “ELEMENTAL DEMO” video to life? 2) When I am ready to export, can I export the CGI animation scene directly out of UE4? and do I have the option to fully customize the fps in the export, like 23.976? Thanks for your time Andrew

To go from start to finish, you will want an external video editing program like Adobe Premier, and then do all your polishing there.

You can export your cinematic directly from matinee and customize the final output by setting FPS and other variables. Take a look at our documentation on matinee as well as the new features for 4.11 which makes this process more effective.


Awesome. Thanks for your speedy reply bro. I have, and am very fluent with, Final Cut Pro X. I also have Adobe After Effects and Motion 5 as well. So it looks like I’m set. When is 4.11 going to be ready?

I am unable to provide that information at this time, but know it will be released in the near future :slight_smile:

Alright! :slight_smile: And thanks so much again. You guys are the best! Know that all you guys are doing is much appreciated and stands out as a cut above the rest in every way! You all really are setting the standard for product, community, and customer service.

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