Can Unreal engine AI system learn?


I have a quick question about the capabilities of Unreal Engine AI system.
Is it capable of running simulations and learn based on rewards/fails.

For example, I know that I could define AI actions like.
Run, Walk, Eat, Jump, Attack etc.

I’d like to know if ts possible to train an AI in Unreal to choose when to do those actions depending on the environment.
e.g i could do a sequence like

  1. is HP less than 100% -> yes -> eat -> restores HP
  2. is distance to enemy < 25 → yes → run towards enemy → attack
    no → walk towards enemy → once distance is less than 25…
    what I would like to do is replace all the fixed variables like “HP < 100%” with "HP < learned limit when to consume hp.
    Is the distance to the enemy < learned optimal distance for charge …attack.

In other words, I don’t want to tell the AI to do things In a specific sequence. Instead i’d like to define a list of actions that the AI can take and let it learn which actions to take and when.


The engine is certainly capable of that, but it isn’t a trivial task to build such systems.
You can look into BehaviorTrees, or you can even write your custom solution from scratch.

There’s nothing like that available out of the box AFAIK.
BT’s aren’t a feedback / self-reinforced learning system.
I made a similar related request in the thread here fwiw…