Can unreal engine 4 do the same games in 2D as unity?


I just wanted to know if it would be possible to do games in 2D as in unity, some examples are : Inside & ori and the blind forest, like is it possible for example to create a game like " ori and the blind forest " with unreal engine 4? Because i wanna start to do 2D Games & 3D in the near future but i don’t know if i should stick to unreal engine 4 for both or unity for 2D & 3D only unreal, could someone please give me some advice on it? Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

I would think it would be easier to do 2D in unreal. Either engine you use you will still be using 3D space for a 2D game. You will need to set the camera to orthographic.if you want a flat 2D. Unreal engine has tools to help with 2D and other convenient things that unity doesn’t even intend to offer.