Can Unreal Dev Grants be used to pay off student loans?

I was wondering if Unreal Dev Grants can be used to pay off student loans; basically there’s a side project I plan on developing using Unreal at my school, and if the grant could help me avoid having to pay off debt while looking for professional work or trying to market my project, that would save me a lot of stress.

There aren’t strings attached to Unreal Dev Grants - recipients can use the money however they like.

It isn’t what they were intended for.

But you shouldn’t need it anyway.
There will be a staff member (the title varies) at your school with a literal catalogue of scholarships and grants, along with details on qualifications.

I was in my 2nd year at community college when someone told me who to talk to, and she helped me get grants fo the rest of the year And one that could be used to pay me part of what I paid for the first year.
A full scholarship to DeVry (when it’s free…)

And after that, I spent almost 2 decades in academia entirely on grants.

There are resources there, you just need to find them and be willing to put in the time.