Can UncookedOnly modules ship?

I’ve read license, forum posts, etc, and it’s still unclear to me whether or not a projects UncookedOnly modules & UE-dependencies can ship (eg be redistributed).

Does anyone have an answer or great suggestion for resolving it?

The purpose is support for user-defined logic in gameplay and mods. I’d build K2-nodes in UncookedOnly modules that compile user logic to VM Bytecode at Runtime. An example use-case, imagine I want HUD elements and UI buttons to be somewhat user-definable arbitrary logic. Or, user definable hotkeys.

In a modding scenario, the workflow could be that a modder uses a UE project associated with the game/app to edit blueprints, and the mod then contains K2 nodes etc. The game would then use UncookedOnly modules to compile to bytecode at runtime. Other players can thusly run the mod’s content without any editor stuff.

It seems like a much more native/integrated solution than resorting to something like lua.