Can UE4 run on Linux or Windows XP 32 bit?

I can’t install UE4 on my 64 bit PC with WinXP Media Center Edition 32-bit. :confused: The MSI tells me that UE4 is not supported by my processor and I should contact Epic. What should I do? UE4 seems too good to just for me to give up on trying.

Is there a build for Ubuntu Linux?

Hi there,

Unfortunately the engine does require a 64-bit processor and a 64-bit OS, so WinXP 32-bit will not work. There is a build available for Linux, however it is a very early work in progress. There is no launcher or marketplace currently available on Linux, but there are plans to support it further in the future.

If possible I would recommend upgrading your Windows to 64-bit since that will give you the best all around support, but you can try the linux build if you’d like. You can get it from the GitHub repository for UE4.

Thank you, but upgrading to is not financially possible for me right now. (Heck, I’m really just wait for the Windows 10 release.) The your link is broken and Epic Games doesn’t seem to have any public repositories.

UE4 does support Windows XP 32-bit (i think only via source compile) but editor it self requires 64-bit CPU and OS. Windows XP 64-bit edition probably won’t work either

To get access to github, first create a GitHub user ID on their website if you don’t already have one, then go to and Sign-In. Next click on the “Account” tab and enter your exact GitHub username (case sensitive) into the “GitHub User ID” field, then press save.

You should now see the repo when you click on my link above. :slight_smile:

Ah end yes UE4 works on Linux, editor support is being currently worked on, it’s probably will need 64-bit too

Did you mean UE4 works on Linux 32 bit or Linux 64 bit? I’m not interested in the editor (yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) I just want to play unreal tournament 4 pre alpha.
Where can I find information about this?
Thanks a lot!

I’m not sure current state of building game on Linux but you can definity build UT for Linux via cross-compiler on Windows. As for Windows XP you can do that only by compiling engine with special configuration, you can find instructions here: