Can UE4 run a an AI chess simulator?

Hi I apologise if this is the wrong forum to ask in, I wanted to know if I could add an AI chess mini-game into a level I am creating?

Would this be a very difficult or resource intensive task or would it be quite cheap and quick to implement?

I am new to UE4 and game creation so have no idea how difficult this would be.

Later it could be turned into a multi-player chess game perhaps but at first it would be nice for an AI match say low/medium and high ability AI opponent.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.


Of course Unreal Engine 4 can be used to make Chess!

Just take quick walk over to the Documentation:

There’s plenty of links there to get started (I recommend checking out the TomOfNZ link; His tutorials are EXCELLENT!)

That’s excellent many thanks for the link :slight_smile:

I know this thread is old, but the link is broken and I would love something similar.

Yes, some very late thread necromancy… but the second link is now nonviable as well. Does anyone know where the info has actually gone and can give a new link?