Can UE4 read Key Frame Animation from 3ds Max and if so How?

I currently have several primitive shapes that have been collapsed to editable poly objects inside of 3ds Max that I either animated their scale or translated them throughout the scene. What is the best way to get these animations into Unreal? Do I have to attach a bone to each object or is there a way to get the Unreal FBX importer to read the key frame animation like Unity does with key framed objects?

Austin Reed

I have no experience with importing vertex animations yet, but you could separate the grow in size with Morph’s and import those separately.
Besides that, you can just import key frame animations. (you might want to link all the objects together first)

Ue4 will convert/add the objects imported to bones, so you wont need to make them yourself.


Your last line is what kicked off the idea that I was missing something on import. Sure enough I needed to change a few import settings and then change the animation mode from blueprint to use animation asset. Then point Anim to Play to the animation file that was imported from my FBX file. Now all of my animated objects without bones inside of 3ds max are playing inside of UE 4!

Thanks for the help,
Austin Reed