Can UE4 make a sports game? Like the skating game

:)Sorry I’m a chinese.Can you guys give me some answers?

Skating boarding, or Ice Skating, or even rollerblading, skating. Could be done, probably have to tweak some settings in player movement but could be done.

You certainly could. Ultimately, you can make what you want. You simply need the skills, time and resources to do so. The only limit is your imagination at that point.

By the way, if it’s of any help, there’s a Chinese sub-forum located here on the forums. If you’d prefer to go in-depth with your questions in your native language =)

Probably…i guess sooo…maybe?

Sport Game in ue4 is it possible?

I truly believe that UE4 is a powerful next gen engine, so yeah i really think sky is the limit to what you can achieve, but if you’re interested i made a skate System in ue4 for more info PM me.:slight_smile:

Unreal can do absolutely any types of games with ease. UE4 is so versatile that sky isn’t even a limit for it. :cool:

You can do everything you want, your only limit is your imagination… and polycount :3

Could you send me the skate system? :slight_smile:

Could you send me the skate system? :slight_smile:

@dspn00by You can get it , it’s with this pack: