Can UE4 listen to audio being played on PC?

A lot of audio visualizers do this so that you won’t have to recreate playlists and whatever else in the visualizer instead of itunes etc. Is there a way for unreal to grab the audio being played on your PC; such as from the “Stereo Mix” input and listen to it/generate audio waves from it?

Nice one I am also thinking like that when I accessing my iTunes account on my Macbook its shows me an error, would you tell me the process of it how to install that version on my iPhone device? I get the error iTunes error 0xe8000015 and I don’t know how to get the solution so please assist me, anyone.

You can set this up in blueprints too. I got an error while using iPad. My iPad WiFi Not Connecting. Would you tell me how to fix issue. These type of issues, if you are facing you can contact our