Can UE4 create mmo sandbox game with blueprints?


I know my question might sound weird but I am trying to create a mmo sandbox style game where players can change the terrain of the game world, create houses, tunnels and other stuff. This is a game being made by just me and I am new to programming. I plan to test this game alot and have a group of friend who will help me but I wanted to know if this type of game is possible via UE4 and with using the blueprints for most of it. Also any advise would be great from those who have been doing game development longer then me. I will be watching tutorials on the blueprints and other functions, but I wanted to get some advice as well. I am trying to create a game that takes different functions I have though of and are from 2 games I play alot. I am trying to figure out how to mesh all my ideas into something I want. The two games I play alot and got some of my ideas from are Wurm Online and Entropia Universe.

Thank you for you time and help in this matter.


Short answer, no. Not with blueprints. Not with your experience. Not as a solo dev.

If you’re new to programming, making a single player RPG with 10h of gameplay will be an insane challenge.

i agree. if your new to coding and unreal then you are biting off way too much. to create what your looking to do you would need a large team with experience in multiplayer and networking / netcode, not to mention the servers and other hardware. then add into that the thousands of other issues involved with creating and debugging games. imagine all that then realize even then theres things you will miss.

i would suggest starting small for your first game. take one concept and make a arcade style game based around it. the first game i ever made was a simple thing where coins spawned and fell and the character had to collect them as they fell, some added score others took away a life. keep it simple until you learn the basics of programming then move on to more difficult projects. once you learn basic things then you can move on to something like a basic multiplayer game, then open world, then voxel world, etc etc.

i would suggest you watch the video by extra credits linked below about starting out in games.