Can UE4 be used for animation/short films?

As being a seasoned Source filmmaker user i was wondering if UE4 can be used in a manner like sfm. i enjoy making Still shots or “posters” in Source filmmaker. i was wondering if i could do that in UE4 with paid Assets and what not. im a super newb to UE4 so please correct me if im using terms incorrectly. anyhow i have a few short films in mind and i love the simplicity of UE4
I there any tutorials aimed at filmmakers and not game devs?
im ready to get serious in my film making hobby

You can make animations with UE4–and you don’t have to pay royalty on that, non-interactive media (videos, still images, etc.) don’t require royalty.

I have seen many people creating short (3 - 6 minutes) animated films using UE4 and it can be created without royalties. Check out this video made using Unreal Engine - A Boy & His Kite: An Animated Short | Unreal Engine - YouTube