Can UE4 be installed on Mac OS High Sierra?

When initially downloading Unreal Engine, all goes well, except I cannot open file to start installation of Unreal Studio. Is UE4 supported on Mac OS High Sierra? or just Mac OS X

Yes, I do all my development on an old 2015 Mac Book Pro running High Sierra

I believe, starting with UE4.18 - the minimum OS requirement is High Sierra.
Pretty big hiccup for those folks who don’t want to / can’t upgrade from Sierra. :frowning:

unreal 4.21.2 does not work with macOS high sierra version 10.13.6 what a shame guess i have to find another game development engine to learn how to make games with does anyone have any ideas on game engine that work with macOS high sierra

can you install an earlier version of unreal? like 4.20 or 4.10?

Just a follow up. I’ve since upgraded to Mojave on a new Mac machine, so I cant speak to the compatibility of UE4 on only machines or OS’s.

Had Sierra, was going to install 4.22.1. I got the warning that Unreal Engine requires macOS 10.13.5 or higher and that I may lose data if I continue with Sierra 10.12.x.

I upgraded to High Sierra 10.3.6. Now when I open Epic Games Launcher and try installing 4.22.1, Unreal Engine shows up as Not Installed.

When I click on the drop-down arrow to install, nothing happens.


Any idea how to proceed?