Can UE3 still be licensed for console development?

Can UE3 still be licensed for console development and under what terms? I did see that we can now apply the 5% of gross revenue plan to UDK games if we so choose, but would that also apply to full UE3 licensing?

Our team is 9 months in to development of our debut game on UDK so porting over to UE4 at this point doesn’t seem plausible. While our initial goal is to release on PC, Mac and iOS (as covered by UDK license), a console release is also in plans so it’d be important for us to know how this will affect us.

Hey Felkroth -

All the Unreal Engine 3 terms of use are here:

Unreal Engine 3 Features - Unreal Engine

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

That’s a bit delayed, but thank you nevertheless :slight_smile: