Can UE interpolate between barycentric vertices?

Here is a video how it works in unity, I Made an F-Zero Game (because Nintendo won't) - YouTube
I also need it for a F-Zero clone would be kinda nice doing the ship rotation like this.

Under “View Mode” - “Ray Tracing Debug” are visualizations of barycentric coordinates. Not sure how to access it in game but you could dig into the sources to see how it is generated.

Did you ever figure this out?


Just trying to picture how barycentric coords work in this system. Here is the Unreal call:

FMath::GetBaryCentric2D | Unreal Engine Documentation

Would you do something like this?

  • send 3 rays the ship to the center of the spiral shape
  • intersect the 3 rays with nearby surfaces
  • that gives a triangle which is your “down” plane
  • then update the ship to the center of the triangle

That’s sort of what I’m doing now, just taking a few raycasts, get the normals back and average them out. It’s not as good and I’d still love to get barycentric coords working without digging into C++…