Can UE 4.20 recognise loop markers and use them?

Can UE 4.20 recognise loop markers when playing back a looping sound file? Currently it only seems to loop back to the beginning of the sound rather than to the location of the marker embedded in the WAV file.

My use case is a music track that after reaching the end needs to loop back to a very specific point in the track so as to be completely seamless. Another example would be a sound for lighting a brazier - in other game engines you could have the one WAV file containing both the initial ignition sound and then the looping component, and you would use embedded loop markers to define where the looping component starts.

I’ve searched through the documentation and forum but can’t find an answer besides telling an audio component to play from a specific start time which doesn’t seem ideal, particularly for the second example above.

Many thanks in advance.

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