Can UDK run Grand strategy or Real time Games?...

I’m asking this question since I am making a game with that very basis…

Sure, why would it not be able to?

Then in that case… I wonder how one would get it to work in that style… And how to get the camera to stay In the sky… Like at ALL times…

With relative ease. Look in the ‘learn’ tab in the launcher.

Also, are you referring to “UDK” (Unreal Engine 3) or “UE4” (Unreal Engine 4)?

Unreal engine 4 Messiour.


This is the exact format I’m talking about… For the political-economic-Govermental part of the game that is… The battle areas should be 3-d or so…my game will, in my best attempts, try it’s best to have a unique Map style to separate itself from Paradox games.

I guess a better question would How does one Program that type of game on UE4…

The same way you would without UE4.

The engine is basically a set of tools as well as an API that goes along with it, to abstract all of the platform-dependent junk into a single vocabulary. All of that “game code” stuff is your responsibility.

What you need to do is think about what you’re trying to do, mostly in terms of “what objects do I need” and “what do these objects need to know and/or do”? For instance, if you want to make a game like Risk, you could have each country as an Actor that you can place. These Actors could have the shape of your specific nation, and they could store the number of pieces that you have on them. Alternatively, the countries could be baked into the terrain and you could put invisible boxes on them to move the pieces between. Alternatively, you could do something completely different.

Once you think about what objects are necessary, then it’s a matter of creating them. Sometimes you can get away with writing most of the code in an abstract class and writing special classes that inherit. For instance: You could write an “ANation” class that extends Actor, which handles all of the properties and methods that a country would have… but then subclass it for each individual country. For instance, “Prussia” could be an “ANation” that has Prussia’s shape and material, but shares ANation’s functions to attack, defend, or whatever your game intends to do.

Long story short: That’s what makes your game.

From a technological side, UE4 would be perfectly capable of running it. Even still, you have the source code so if you want to fork the engine to add a feature here or there, you could. You probably won’t need to with a game design like that, though.

I shall certainly try to do this… I shall push through it, probably suffer, but it will be worth it for when it is at the least good enough for a team to be formed… It will be heck on earth to program and create over 100 provinces per continent at the LEAST, but it should be worth it.

If you can manage illustrating it (in either 3D or 2D) then you shouldn’t have too much difficulty coding it.

There shouldn’t be much different per country than linking to the correct art asset, changing a few ids, and so forth. The rest can be shared from a parent class.

But yeah, it’s a lot of work.

any progress on this? I’m actually wondering how to handle displaying the “troops” on the mesh, I’m guessing it would work similar to displaying health above an enemy’s head.