Can u do 2 custom events Run On Server in a row?

Hi guys I have a problem, it might be a bug… but anyways lets say you use a custom event to (Run On Server) then it runs a function etc. and from there it runs another (Run On Server).

Is this normal to do it like this? Because sometimes you are pretty much forced to run something on server then eventually it has to spawn something so u have to run on server again, after a bunch of functions and events etc.

Are you talking about doing two client to server calls or client to server, server?

Client to Server to Server

Client: Switch has authority (Remote) → Some Event(runs on Server)
Server: Some event → switch has authority (Authority) → Do some stuff → Call other server event

fyi, Server events that are called by the server do not need to have run on server setting.

Thanks, that is pretty much how I thought it should work but you clarified it.

My problem is fixed now so you don’t have to look at it anymore, thank you for your help. I posted the fix in my thread. It turned out to be something simple like I thought, On the skeletal mesh component of my character, set Anim based visibility option to Always Tick Pose and refresh bones.