Can this thing use the Xbox 360 Kinects without iPi Soft Mocap Studio?

I have one Xbox One Kinect I got off craigslist, no receipt obviously, which ****ing sucks because it is not supported for free anywhere… so I went ahead and got two Xbox 360 Kinects at Gamestop, with receipts… which also ****ing suck because I found out, so far, only iPisoft has support for more than one mocap device at a time, so I already for sure wasted money on one of them… So we’ve had motion capture for how many decades now… and we’re still waiting for companies to allow people other than movie producers with hundreds of millions of dollars of a budget to use two ****ing Xbox Kinects for motion capture? I live on my own, I don’t just have to wait for my next paycheck. I have to wait 6 weeks to buy one thing, you know how long it took to even get a computer that could handle this ****? And then off and on getting decent groceries, getting my work-commuting scooter stolen, buying a ****** walmart bike, and then finally having the money to buy the Xbox 360 Kinects I thought would finally be all I needed to start doing this stuff?

Is this really what I’m seeing? I’ve posted asking for help on this before, just trying to get the Kinect V2 to work, a few weeks ago or more… and I’m seeing grey hairs now. Literally, I just want my life to end. I’ve wasted months trying, some way, somehow, praying to the gods of Google and Bing to find me some god **** search results that will lead me to some freeware so I can just start making some ****** motion capture movies to see if it’s something I would even be good at. I still have the receipts on the two kinects, I have 14 or 30 days or something to return them… SO can someone, please, soon, tell me if I wasted money on these things or not? Is iPisoft really my only option to be able to record mocap to use for ANY of the 3D animation software out here? I cannot find any info on anything because no one has ever messaged me back regarding all the questions I had last time.

Here’s one from my last topic: IS there any way to use Unreal Engine 4 to just record 3D animations, and render them to video format, aka just use UE4 to make movies instead of videogames? If so, is there any guide, a ****** notepad text file, or PDF, or video, or forum topic, or ANYTHING that will help me use UE4 to use one or two kinects to do motion capture and make movies? Or should I just uninstall this engine and bang my head on the wall for wasting all this time downloading, installing, and trying to find guides on it?

Is there any other software, Blender, Maya, Poser Pro, iClone 5, ANYTHING at all I can use with one Kinect V2 or one or two 360 Kinects, WITHOUT having to use Brekel or iPisoft? I just don’t have the hundreds of dollars to pay for their ****. iClone 6 pro already costs 200 bucks, plus 100 for the mocap plug-in, plus another 170 for iPisoft Basic at minimum, or 370 for a 3 year license, or I’d have to buy TWO sets of Brekel Pro software because they don’t want to bundle body with facial animations.

I’m broke, I’m LITERALLY hungry because of my bills. I’m already working full time, manual labor, I cannot physically handle another job, I’d rather buy a gun and blow my brains out. This is what I’m trying to do to make a little money so I can get my foot in the door and then finally actually have expendable cash to spend on licenses for full versions of stuff so I can make even more detailed movies. But right now it’s already costing me hundreds of dollars to even START, and I don’t have the money. It takes me weeks and weeks, and it’s a waste of time to try to watch youtube tutorials because I’ll forget it all and not even be able to use it and really hammer the knowledge into my muscle memory if I can’t even start using it yet…

Can someone, please, anyone, finally, just tell me, is there anything I can use that doesn’t cost me an arm or a leg to finally start making 3D animations with any of the Kinects I have?

Well… my friend… it looks like you have your priorities all jumbled around… but I’m not one to judge or to preach…
Simple answer that I have found… No.

I’m not sure why you’re wasting all your money and time before doing the research on such topics, only to waste more money when you hit a road block. found this video awhile back showing some direct MoCap from Kinect to UE4.
I went to EBGames (Still EB here!) and bought a Kinect 360 sensor for $20 and used the Brekel Pro Body trial.
Sure it’s only 4 Seconds of footage at a time, and a limited number of uses… BUT With proper planning and shot setups, you can capture whatever you need really.
Try not to put the cart in front of the horse, especially when the cash to buy the horse is limited!