Can this laptop be a good option for Unreal Engine 4?

Hello everybody!

I am interested in learn Unreal Engine 4 and Blender and so I have been looking for a computer that is capable of move this two programs.
Since I am a student I do not have enough space for desktop pc and also spend all my time in the University so I decided to buy a laptop. This one is the best that I could find in price/quality relation. It looks light and powerful but I am unsure about some aspects

Will 16 gb of ram enough to move both programs? Or will be a good idea to upgrade to 32?. Is the space of the SDD enough?, and any other aspects that you think need be commented!
I have to say that I can expand my budget to buy this expansions but ONLY if they are really necessary
Also it is important to say that I am not planning to use this computer for gamming, or if this is the case, this will be install one and eliminate this once finished to save disk space.

Thank you for you help! Any suggestion will be appreciated!