Can this be done in UDK?

Particle start location defined by a texture or material? “Random” particle movement defined by some kind of noise function, maybe tiling 3 perlin noise textures put into RGB channels of a texture? If UDK doesn’t have this, what about UE4?

this is doable in UE4 via vector fields, UE3 has nothing of the like

in UE3 you could use the skel vert surf particle module (with the logo as a skeletal mesh with enough polygon density) for the particle start location. as for the random particle movement you could approximate it with an orbit module and then a couple of velocity or offset modules with arbitrary curves stacked on top

WOW this logo dissolve effect looks awesome. However, in my humble opinion, if you want to do this for a kind of logo reveal of your game, like powered by UE3 logo animation, why you just don’t make it in Adobe After Effects? There is a huge library of free and cheap logo reveal templates for AE, that are just easy to use, just change the template logo to your logo asset (png image) and render the animation.

I am using After Effects to make the game trailer, logo intro, and other video stuff.

However being able to do this in realtime is also F*********ing awesome, trully badass :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Good luck!

it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for a logo. I actually assumed he wants a similar effect for some in-game magic (otherwise yeah, why bother making it realtime)

btw such vector field particle effects were one of the key points when showing off UE4 back when it was first unveiled. the key part was the GPU particles feature which allows hundreds of thousands of particle sprites to exist without killing your CPU (but you can easily kill your GPU with overdraw cost)
now that the dust has settled these effects seem nothing special really. it’s something of a gimmick and can still easily kill the GPU, and I have yet to see a project that benefits from it in a significant way. it’s still the key part of the UE4 particles demo project btw

Yeah, I remember that reveal demo, especial the real time Global Illumination, it looked awesome, all those particles on the scene with a constant framerate, however, in reality things just don’t work this way.

But yeah, that effect will look fantastic for an in game magic. Just one idea crossed my mind, this effect couldn’t be achieved by some trick like used on old-gen games.

My idea is to create this effect in After effect, rendered as a transparent tga image sequence (short sequence, no much frames), import in flash/scaleform, export as a transparent swf movie, then be projected as a material over a plane to show in game? Just some ideas.



Yeah, I was thinking of making a magic spell effect. I don’t actually need to be able to do this, but I thought it would be fun, and I would throw in some effects like this if possible. I guess I could render out some frames from After Effects and make a flip book. But doing this live would be a lot cooler. I guess that’s one more thing for me to look forward to trying out in UE4 when Himeko Sutori is finished.