Can things be printed even without instances of print string?

For a while my project has continuously printed strings of 0 whenever I enable a specific boolean. Yesterday I realized that those strings did not represent what I thought they did, and even if they DID represent what I’d expected, they shouldn’t be printing in the first place.

I’ve tried isolating the issue all day today but I can’t find a solution. I wound up so frustrated that I went ahead and removed all print string nodes but I’m still getting tons of 0’s whenever I switch the boolean on. There are no instances of print string anywhere in my project, why is this happening?

Simultaneously, Event BeginPlay is firing twice. Could this be the issue? Is there some type of ghost event being called?

The strings are only printed when the boolean is switched on. It doesn’t matter if I press a key to turn it on or if I have it on by default.

There was a print string hidden away in the animation graph. However, event beginplay still fires twice. If anyone has a solution to that, I’d appreciate it.

There can be many Begin Play events, almost every blueprint can have its own Begin Play event.

How do you know it fires twice?

As for your “Begin Play firing twice” problem, it’s likely that you’re seeing one begin play trigger once per existing actor of the class, not one actor doing it twice.