Can there be two triggers to cause the same outcome?

I have a light switch that turns on when the player steps into the trigger region and turns off when they step out.

How do I make it so that the light turns off if the player walks out the trigger region OR they press the ‘1’ key?

I think I need to use a Boolean but can’t seem to make it work.

I also have it so that pressing ‘1’ switches the camera. So in essence I’d like ‘1’ to both switch camera AND turn the light off.

Thanks very much!!

Version 4.26

You need that button to trace, overlap or broadcast. For example: when the character walks into the volume you can bind the turn off event to the accion even (pressi g ‘I’ or every time player presses the key, have it check for overlapping actors with valid interface.

Maybe store a reference to the light turned on most recently “recentLight” and when 1 is pressed check the reference to “recentLight”. If its null do nothing or if its pointing to a light actor, run the event to switch of said light.

Just another possibility.