Can the Xbox One and Playstation 4 run my game?


I have a technical question about unreal engine

I am starting to make my first video game with Unreal Engine and am hoping to put in not only on steam, but also home consoles. Because of the fact the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 are so notoriously difficult to get a hold of, I am considering porting it to last gen, when I finish the game.

Here is what I plan on putting in the game:

-Map is 500 by 250 in-game kilometers


-Ridable land giant crab mount

-Dialogue tree when interacting with NPCs

-Melee combat and ranged combat, using boomerang as weapon

-NPCs with routines

-Day and Night cycle

-6 Towns on Map populated by NPCs, complete with NPCs who you can buy and sell from

-Most of map populated with fauna, some neutral and some hostile, that have their own set routine and interact with each other

-Trade items with other NPCs scattered thought the map

-Realtime Cutscenes

-Telescope in one area of map

-Weather system, with sunny and rainy days in most of the map, blizzards in a snowy mountain region of map, and sandstorms in desert region of map

-One Main Quest with several smaller side-quests and odd-jobs scattered thought the map

One of my goals with this game is to for the game to only need to load once (When it starts up or save is loaded). Can The Xbox One and PS4 handle game with a map that size and has all these systems that run all at the same time.

Please let me know if you think the last gen consoles are up to the task or if my game would be too much for them to handle, assuming I included everything I listed here

It’s possible to get almost anything running on any platform, if you’re sneaky enough. The main problem, I think you have ahead, is that you need a dev kit for each platform you want to port it to.


What you put in your game has almost 0 bearing on what a system can hande.

how you put it in the game is what matters.
Eg: if you use 8k textures on your character. No system is likely to run it.

200km^2 using landscape? Not going to happen.
Converted to static meshes? Maybe it will.


Sony is still requiring a quite though application process.
And yea, you can get by it without a playable demo. But it’s really nearly pointless until you are ready to start optimizing for it specifically. Which would require a playable demo.

A common approach is to launch early access on steam, get some reviews and a little traction going, ans then levarage that to bruteforce into sony :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just so we are clear, what you are saying is that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one can both handle an open-world game map that has all the features I listed in my initial post with only one loading screen.

You said that the consoles won’t be able to run the game if the characters have 8k textures, what is the maximum definition they can handle

You also said that the consoles can’t handle a 200km map if it uses landscape. Can you clarify what that means? What is landscape and why would I want to use it over static meshes? I was honestly planning to make the map mostly a static mesh and based on what you told me, I couldn’t use another method if I wanted to

I want to know, assuming the models are all using textures the console can handle and on a map of static meshes, would it be able to have all the features I listed above in an open-world game that only loads once?

I am new to video game development and have very little experience with using unreal engine. This is the first video game project that I am actually serious about and intend to complete. Most of my experience consists of messing around in RPG maker and game maker

As for steam early access, I actually was planning to do exactly that. Putting it on Xbox One and Playstation 4 was a long-term goal

The current engine can’t handle much of anything.

If you are serious about the project pick a better engine to start.

CryEngine is good. So is Godot if you modify the crap out of it.

There really isn’t much point in me answering your questions if you don’t know the engine.
And there probably won’t be any need to address any of it for UE4 if you do the sane thing and pick a more performant engine.

That said, if you dont know what you are doing at all - as you describe.
Start with small parts of the artwork. Work yourself into systems as you learn to make better assets.

Starting with anything open world is a sure recipe to never publish anything.


What is the point of this?
I’d argue that the consoles/most pc’s probably wouldn’t be able to run it as they would run out of memory.

Still the project would be possible if you’d just async load the needed area’s when getting closer to it