can the wii u handle unreal engine 4 games

I would like to know if the wii u can handle unreal engine 4 games?

No, it doesn’t support UE4 at all. Neither does Xbox 360 or PS3.

Only Unity 3D from what I know

UE3 probably does, or at least there are games made with UE3 that do. It might be a case that those developers ported their games on their own rather than Epic adding support for Wii U though.

okay thanks everyone

Depending on your budget and timeline, it is possible to add a new target platform. We know the engine is structured to do such things because it already supports pc, mac, linux, xbone, ps4, ios, android. The effort involved is probably nontrivial but also not crazy either.

Danielpeles I’d like to add what others are saying if your’re still thinking about it. Out of the box there is no support for the Wii U BUT you can adapt it. You have to talk to both Nintendo and you need to go to Epic’s custom licensing

If you want to develop a game with Wii U in mind you can do it, you just need someone with the know how to go into UE4’s source and make it compatible with the Wii U hardware.
For reference, the Wii U has 1gb of usable RAM and about 360 gflops of gpu performance, not sure about cpu

You would not have to do custom licensing. The full source code to the engine minus existing console platforms is there so you have all the tools you need to add Wii U platform support. You can also develop for supported console platforms using the subscription version but Epic will only provide access once you have provided evidence that you are a Sony/MS registered developer.