Can the viewport camera (pan & zoom speeds) adjust to the size of the object focused on?

I come from a Maya/Unity background, and I’m wanting to make the switch over to Unreal4, but I’m finding it very frustrating how the viewport camera will only pan/zoom and a constant speed. I think it should be relative to the object focused on, and adapt to the user.

Select a small object and press “f” = camera zoom/pan speeds are lowered.
Select a large object (landscape) and press “f”, then the pan/zoom speeds are increased.

Is there a way to achieve this that I’m unaware of?


as a maya user, i feel your pain.
i just realised releasing alt button for pan makes it just like maya navigation. i dont know why there is no option for making all navigation controls same just like maya or another 3D software.

Consider looking and actually reading whole Viewport Controls and Viewport Toolbar doc’s. There is explained how it works, modes of operation and how you can change snapping, zoom and movement speeds, FOV etc.

I think if you read through it you will have better understanding of camera control in editor viewport of Unreal Engine.