Can The Unreal Engine make games along the line of...

Final Fantasy 12? It’s a very vague question, so I’ll elaborate. What I’d generally like to know is, is it possible for this engine to make party-based third-person RPGs? I’m aware that the abilities of the coder is the only thing can determine this, but it’s kind of hard to get information on this. I read about the CryEngine, but from what I can gather, the programming aspect of determining the genre is sort of hard-coded, as in extremely difficult to change the overall infrastructure, and since it’s geared towards FPS, that kind of makes it an unlikely candidate.

I’m still trying to study the ups and downs of each game engine (I.E. CryEngine, UDK, Unity), and each of my searches yields conflicting information (as always), which makes it impossible to gather unbiased information. I realize that I’m asking the question at the home of Unreal, but I figured it’d be better than searching around hopelessly. So to return to my initial question, I just wanted to know if it was possible to make such a game similar to Final Fantasy 12, or perhaps even Dragon’s Dogma. More down the road of a map-based world instead of open world, but either one could work. Thanks!

with the source you can make ANYTHING

I see ;P. And is it possible for console games to be made with Unreal?

You could definitely make a third-person RPG in the engine. The game we’re currently working on at Epic, Fortnite, is a third-person title :). Re: console games, you should find some relevant information in our FAQ here: The basic gist is that there are legal reasons we can’t include console code in the subscription by default, but if you get to the point where you’re developing for a console, you can contact us for a custom license.

Here is a list of games made in the Unreal Engines. Just about every type of game has been made with Unreal.

The Mass Effect series is a 3rd person party based RPG, all 3 titles were created using the unreal engine. It’s definitely possible.

Since the Unreal Engine 4 Source Code is available with the 20 Dollar Sub.

But you can do allot with Unreal 4 Blueprint.

Haha, I remember seeing Fortnite previews a little while back, but I didn’t know the name of it; it looks unique. Anyways, thanks for the info everyone, I’ll definitely take it all into consideration!

Hello Ashern.

To answer your first question: Yes, unreal can make anything you want to make.

As to comparing the other engines I think I can help on this too.
Unreal 4 for $19 a month is unheard of.
It’s a game changer.
It would be like if Ferrari started selling cars for $100.

Unity is a great engine, but after UE4 changed the pricing the forums have gone mostly quiet because it simply doesn’t compare.
And CryEngine is fine too, but they expect you to make a game and only then talk about pricing (which is insane).

The only reason to stay with either of them is because you’re invested too much time learning them or working on a project that is mostly done.

I can see you’re new to game developement with you’re question so let me make this easy.
Get Unreal.
Do the tutorials.
Make some tiny games (Think Flappy Bird).
Figure out what role you want to fill as a developer (artist, level designer, programer, play tester, etc…)
Start work on projects that help you fill out that role.
Make friends and give back to the community.
Stop if you don’t love it.
And don’t bother if you think this will make you rich.

And don’t:
-Talk about games you’d like to make (show what you’ve made).
-Post meaningless screen shots of something you did in 30 minutes by watching a tutorial.
-Ask for help without trying to find out or figure out on your own.
-Expect people to do things for you like they owe it to you.
-Stop learning.
-Steal from others.

I don’t know for certain but I’d be astounded if you coudln’t. Your problem is much more likely to be that you can just put a homebrew game on a home version of a console easily. You have to get devkits from the console maker and that’s not super likely to happen if you’re doing this as an enthusiast.

You are wrong there.

But they don’t give you the source code, right? They do this as-a-service type of thing, where you pay to use the software.

We don’t know that yet.

Btw you pay sub for UE too.

Yes but I could cancel my sub and still use the version I have downloaded.

And miss fixes/updates. We should wait and see what they say in May

Wow, did not know that.
Thanks you for the info!

I have not played either of those titles, but I think I understand what you are looking for.

Like you said, each engine has it’s ups and downs. Here is the most unbiased list I can make with my current level of knowledge:

–Unity 3D–
No royalty fees.
Scripting languages are C# and Unityscript(Like javascript).
Asset Store with large amounts of plugins and content. If you have money, you can buy all the functionality you need.

1500 initial purchase price for PC and Mac, Windows Store and Phone.
1500 extra per for Android and IOS Pro.
Rendering system is the poorest of the three.
Performance is slow.
Source access requires custom licensing.
Scripting languages are C# and Unityscript(Like javascript).
If you want more than extremely basic gameplay and editor features, you either make it yourself or buy it on the Asset Store.
Asset Store content is not very high quality
More of a hobbyist and mobile centric engine.

–Unreal Engine–
Built-in visual scripting system. Has the same power as C++ programming.
Wonderful out of the box functionality
Free source access
$19 subscription per month, cancelable at any time with no fee
High quality, fully featured rendering system
Marketplace should have much higher quality products than Asset Store. Currently WIP
Should be easy to set up a 3rd person RPG out of the box, just up to you to write the subsystems necessary to drive the gameplay experience
Look at all the games people have made with it!

5% royalty fee. Shouldn’t be that much of an issue.
The increase in quality comes with a increase in hardware needed to run the editor. Current gen systems should handle it just fine.
A little unintuitive when using it for the first time.
C++ can be a little daunting if you haven’t done much coding before. Use Blueprints!

Apparently it was designed for large open worlds and FPS.

Unless you have a source licence(Pricey, I think) you are restricted to Lua scripting and the default systems. FPS systems.
Not as well rounded as UE4

I really don’t know much about Cryengine.

This list is biased.
I have failed.

Use UE4 for all of your game engine needs. You will not be disappointed.
Metric tons better than Unity. Assume something like that for Cryengine.

I’m tired. This is probably not very useful. Goodbye.

I must say I forgot to check back to this thread, I didn’t expect anymore replies! The idea that UE4 can do whatever I want (given I have the ability) is a very nice thought. I’m in no way prepared to start a project right now, as I’m still learning the ropes of Modeling and what not, but I am thinking of possibly trying out UE4 for a month to see how the engine actually behaves; however, I think I’ll wait a bit until I get myself a new computer, as this one isn’t very great.

Luckily I do like to learn for myself, so I don’t try to steal or insist that someone help me, and in fact I probably need to learn to ask for more help as to not drive myself insane. But I appreciate the advice and unbiased comparisons to the other engines, so thanks again everyone.