Can the Translation Picker be converted to a finished version in UE 4.23?

Can the Translation Picker be converted to a finished version in UE 4.23?
I know that you updated the Translation Picker in 4.22.


  • **Bug Fix:**Reworked String Table asset loading to better handle asynchronous loading:

  • Note: This change removes the need to fully-load string tables most of the time, and the FindOrFullyLoad option is no longer the default (FindOrLoad is). FindOrFullyLoad can still be specified, but be aware that it will do a blocking synchronous load, so only use it when it is definitely safe to perform a blocking load (ie, only in the editor).

  • Bug Fix: Avoid gathering default text instances from bytecode.

  • Bug Fix: Ensured the package localization ID is correctly migrated when renaming an asset.

  • New: Made string table dropdown searchable when selecting localization string.

  • New: Renamed the “Localise” UAT command to “Localize” (with an alias for the old name).

  • **New: **Exposed functions to query the available and most suitable languages from Blueprints:

  • GetNativeCulture, wraps FTextLocalizationManager::GetNativeCultureName.

  • GetLocalizedCultures, wraps FTextLocalizationManager::GetLocalizedCultureNames.

  • GetSuitableCulture, uses FInternationalization::GetPrioritizedCultureNames to find the best match from an array of cultures.

  • **New:**JsonStructSerializerBackend and CborStructSerializerBackend now have an option to write FText properties as their complex exported form (for example, NSLOCTEXT(…)) to correctly support localization.

  • This option is disabled by default for the existing constructor (which is now deprecated), however should be enabled for any new code that doesn’t require backwards compatibility.

  • New: Made FTextChronoFormatter and FTextTransformer available to do localized string manipulation without an FText instance.

  • **New:**Allowed polyglot data to fallback to the LocRes data if it only provides a minimal patch:

  • This can be enabled by setting bIsMinimalPatch to true (default false) on your FPolyglotTextData to avoid the polyglot data from falling back to its native string for any missing translations, thus allowing missing translations to use their LocRes version instead.

  • New: Exposed GetCultureDisplayName to Blueprints.

  • **Improvement: **Translation Picker improvements:

  • Fixed the wrong culture being used when editing translations.

  • Fixed being unable to edit translations that contained package localization IDs.

  • Fixed crash when the UTranslationUnit being picked was GC’d.

  • Fixed places performing case-insensitive comparisons.

  • Improved the layout and made all fields copyable.

I did fix some bugs in it when I was writing the initial draft of the updated localization documentation (that went live with 4.22), but have no plans to do any further work on it at this point in time.

Is there something you feel it still needs?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe he means getting it out of Experimental.

How do you understand his meaning?

If you have Translation Picker plan, please complete it as soon as possible. This tool is very helpful to developers in other countries.