Can the Starter Contents generated by Unreal Engine 4 be licensed with an Apache License?

My team decided to open source an Unreal Engine 4 project. We know that the Engine source code cannot be open source, so we only committed our assets we made ourselves. One thing that stands out is the Starter Contents, which was generated by Unreal Engine 4 through default settings when creating a new project.

I was wondering if the Starter Contents can be Apache Licensed. If not, does that mean the Starter Contents are not supposed to be licensed through approved licenses, such as MIT, BSD, etc.?

You are only allowed to use the starter content with unreal engine. Thats why it cannot use the Apache license I think…

You can’t re-release their assets under the Apache license, but there may be a path to releasing an open source game using the engine. You can try asking at They have a legal and licensing category, and I’ve gotten responses from Epic Legal using that before. You may be also able to request a custom license exception from Epic using, though that’s primarily for AAA vendors who want to negotiate specific license terms that vary from the normal ones, but what you want is an exception to a license term, so it seems appropriate.

The folks at Epic are pretty reasonable. I would explain what you want to do and ask if there’s a path to do it legally. There may be.

Okay, thanks for the info. I have dug up a question posted in AnswerHub for the Legal & Licensing. The answer I got is this: