Can the size of the transform widget be increased?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum - I didn’t see one for total newbies, but I was wondering if the size of the transform widget can be increased? In every demo video I see it seems to be large enough to be easily interacted with, but for me it’s so small it’s hard to select the various axes or jus generally to interact with it.


In editor preferences, search for transform widget. The default key to change transform size is Alt+Right Bracket key


I am having the exact same issue. My transform widget is very thin, skinny. You can change the length of the arrows, by pressing ALT + ] or [, but not the actual size of it. In the tutorials, it shows a massive and thick transform widget, this is not.

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What’s even more weird is that it look like this widget is the only one not being scaled by by “tools>debug>widget reflector>application scale”
Grabbing it is such a pain with my screen/resolution/mouse when you have to click on something that has a hitbox of 0.01mm