Can the GameMode be changed in bp while runtime?

The game is a FPS game, but while int level choose map, I don’t wanna use the FPSPlayController BP logic, Can i just set another simple logic XXXPlayController bp while in level-choose map, then in level map switch to FPSPlayController of the GameMode?

by the way, can UE4 change a total new GameMode bp, than in some map, change another GameMode Bp directly?

You can open a map with a certain game mode as an option. Here’s an example:

I am using my game mode reference as the path.

Thank you, I set the value of the world setting tab of every map and it worked, entering different map will automatically read it’s own override gamemode in world setting tab.

and your reply “?game=/Game/Blueprints/MainGameMode.MainGameMode_C” as a path? does it mean config gamemode of map in some config files?

by the way, can I change gamemode or change the state of gamemode(such as HUD, Pawn) in on map while runtime through bp or c++ code?

If relying on game modes in world settings, do we need to even drag a pawn into the level ?

Will a “player start” suffice?

Even for a level to be played in VR?

I’d like to have ONE PROJECT, one perfectly ready to go PROJECT.

Materials, assets loaded, textures, BPs, characters…
Working VR
Easily edited avatars, with a ready to use, ready to customize MAYA character.mb, with perfectly named IK elements so RETARGETING actually works (without causing wiggly arms etc)

And a level for either
VR teleport, motion controller interactivity
VR walk, motion controller interactivity
Third person (edited into a VR pawn)
First person (again, edited for a VR experience, but a smooth walk for architecture experiences)

Having the ability to do all this from one PROJECT is my dream.

I prefer VR for all of it.
I find I need a third person character, edited into a VR camera position, to walk on TERRAIN…
(If not a third person, my VR PAWN goes through the terrain, not along it using collision…)