Can the devs confirm what we can and can't get access to/alter/change?

I developed a test UI in the FirstPersonShooter Unreal 4 SDK template and everything worked fine.
It took me a few days to tweak everything and sort out the layout but I got to the point where the remaining functions would
have to tested inside of Ark itself.

I’ve started rebuilding it in the Ark SDK and found several blueprint functions (such as Set Cinematic Mode and Get All Widgets Of Class) are missing or not accessible.
Maybe I’ve added the wrong blueprint/controller/pawn/etc but it’d be nice to hear some info from the devs about what we can and can’t mod. Especially as they’re running
a high profile competition.

(Any info on which Ark blueprint to edit to draw a UI with a keypress would be much appreciated.)
Are we allowed to retrieve how much of <item x> the player is carrying via a blueprint?

Please be more vocal devs, there’s only 4/5 weeks of the competition left :smiley:

Hi DY357LX,

It’s not everything you were looking for, but I am really happy about the patch notes for the next version of the dev kit:
Game content updated to 205.3

  • Dev Kit: Added capability for Total Conversions to use inherited PrimalGameData to stay in sync with live game.
  • Dev Kit: ALL editable variables are now automatically read/write exposed to Blueprint. The power… the power!!!

A lot of these nodes/functions got added later in the Unreal Engine. Basically after 4.5. If they don’t need it for the main game you well never get them. From experience I can tell you that changing Engine version is no fun and blocks you for many days if not weeks. So don’t expect an Engine change ever. If they see the need of a feature they will most likely only take that feature from the Unreal Git and implement it in their version.

I believe one of the users on IRC mentioned that one of the devs said they will never be updating the engine. With all the custom code they’ve written into Ark, it’s not a surprise. They are however, porting features over that they feel are necessary for Ark from later versions of the engine.

Thanks for the info. Is there an expected release date for this?