Can the controller used as "Gamepad" input be changed?

This may not be the best forum, but I’m attempting to utilize this in Blueprint so it’s as close as I can get :slight_smile:

Currently in my project, I have some Axis Maps set up to control various player motion, and those axis are assigned to Gamepad Thumbstick Left X-Axis, Y-Axis, Right X-Axis, Right Y-Axis. In my Blueprint, I have some nodes which gets the axis value from the Axis Map and sends it off to be processed for motion. Everything on that side works great.

The problem comes with the actual controller selection. I have 2 joystick devices in the windows Game Controllers panel. One is a vJoy Device which is used for a non-standard hardware to receive input, the other is an XBOX 360 controller. When I launch the project and attempt to move the player, it is moved by motion on the XBOX 360 controller. If I unplug the XBOX 360 controller and launch the game again, the vJoy device does not interact with Unreal Engine at all and no axis values are changed. I know this is functioning at the driver level, as in the windows Game Controller panel, the axis are moving correctly. It is Unreal that is not seeing them change.

Is it possible to view/edit exactly which attached Joy device Unreal is registering and using as the standard “Gamepad” input?

Good luck getting anything but an Xbox pad working. No directinput I’m afraid just xinput :slight_smile: