Can’t wall jump on the left side - 2D platformer

So I’ve been following a paper 2d tutorial on making a 2d platformer —> Unreal Engine 4 2D Platformer Tutorial - #05 Paper2D Wall Jump - YouTube

A few videos down the line where we are creating a wall jump mechanic I have encountered a problem where my character doesn’t want to wall jump on the left side.

My Blueprints

I believe that the problem is caused by frequent updates, considering the video came out in 2016. But I can’t seem to find what is causing it.


Keep in mind that I’m a beginner so the answer might be obvious :slight_smile:

You’re only tracing in one direction, which must be right.

When I made a walljump mechanics, I simply added two trigger boxes at both sides of the character, and when they are overlapped, you know that the character is at the wall.