Can´t update my ModMap, because I installed the new Things from GitHub

Hey Guys,
I have a big problem, I had it a lot times in past too, but now I know what´s the problem…

I saw yesterday in GitHub are new things for the DevKit, I downladed the package and unzipped it into my DevKit folder.
Today the new update got ready and I uploaded it, but it won´t work…
Then I tried to upload it as new Workshop-ID and it works, why I have this problem?
What can I do to update my old Workshop-File?

This Thread I found last time, I had the problem, but it won´t work,
I want try it again after download from EpicLauncher, but I hope, my map is no **** after this part^^
If it is ****, the earth want never be finished, it´s no more fun with all this problems…
maps for cities skylines was easier!