Can`t see a socket I created, and I can`t attach anything on that socket

Hi there! I`m not a power user…

I own this dog from market place:

all I need to do is attach two horns (like a hat, something simple) at the top of the head of this dog and parent that to the head bone
1 -I did export the horn-hat from Maya to UE4 (all went well)
2- I create a socket on the pitbull head (I see it in the edit mesh window)
3- I create a static mesh on that dog and assign my horn-hat (all went well)

problem now I cannot see the socket I create on the propery panel and I cannot assign my horn-hat to that socket
(horn-hat doesn`t animate with my dog hat )

what did I do wrong?

any tip will be gold
many thanks

So I don’t know exactly what you’ve done here. Are you saying you added a socket in UE4 or blender/whatever 3D modeling thing you used? And the property panel I’ve never heard of though I think I know what you’re talking about. Screenshots maybe?

Once your model is in the editor. Open it up go the the skeletal tab. Right click on your main bone, CLICK add socket, then rename it to what you want and move it around to where you want, then the socket is set in the model. Then in code, do what ever with that socket from the YourMesh->SOMEFIUNCTION(); That will be in i think it Is the primitive component file or its the scene component file, Can not remember which it is in. You will have to research that.

That is how you add a socket.

If he’s doing blueprints all he needs to do is attach to component

ahh, roger.

great thanks!
using the blueprint setting window i see now the socket