Can’t move the "advanced vehicle" on remote client after server side Possess

Hello Guys and Staff. I can’t move the advanced vehicle on remote client after possess. The problem is the following, but I think I’m missing some call. I just created a clean Advanced Vehicle Blueprint project, then I created some logic on player controller to spawn and possess the “Vehicle Blueprint” in certain points after press space. All the functionality is OK if I’m spawning the vehicle on server side. However when I’m trying on remote client, there is no inputs / movement.

Also I uploaded an example project on dropbox (29mb):

Someone can help me on this problem :frowning:

Please check the following screens of the configuration.

Hello my friends, someone can help me on this problem?


I would suggest trying to follow this tutorial for setting up multiplayer respawning

Because in this, and in my project, we spawn from the game mode. Which only exists on the server. I think the problem you are having is spawning from the controller, which only exists to the client and doesn’t replicate to the server. I didn’t look too deep into it.

Hello TheFoyer, on server side all PCs are presents, in fact I’m calling from remote client event to server, on any case thanks for the link, I’m reading it now :slight_smile:

Thanks, I just call Unpossess after all on PC on client side and all fixed :slight_smile: