Can’t make game window borderless on Linux

When I packaged my game for Linux it was set to have a borderless window but when I run the .sh it still has a title bar and border is it possible to fix

Dear valued Unreal Engine user,

As far as I can tell, borderless windows are only supported on Windows, so on Linux as well other OSes that may or may not exist #freefortnite, the window will always have a border.

You can see this in the codebase by searching for bUseBorderless window.

For example in Engine/Private/GameEngine.cpp:

const bool bUseBorderlessWindow = GetProjectSettingBool(TEXT("bUseBorderlessWindow"), false) && PLATFORM_WINDOWS;

You can try removing PLATFORM_WINDOWS, however it is probably not recommend. On one side it may not be stable as it is untested, on the other side, you may cause issues for users who are unable to close or move the application if you have not added in your own menu bar.

Thank you for your continued support,