Can’t Login Epic Account to The Quixel Bridge in ue5

when i type the acount and click the login ,then appear a Alert Box"login failed - please try again",and reinstallation did not help

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Same here. I restarted, reinstalled, checked the password and firewall settings. I still can’t log in. Does anyone have a hint on how to solve this problem?

same here…
Tried everything I found in the forums about this. Nothing helps…

I now wiped my system and reinstalled Win10 + UE5. Same problem. It says: “Login failed… Please try again”.
Problem is not on my end…

■■■■ it , this problems no one fix it?? It still occurred on ue5.0.2
I just want to know why the f**k bridge inside UE need login into another account again rather than using epic default one.

Also, when I open metahumna editor, it f**k again using my website cached epic account. So weird.

i found a solution ,just use wireless network,you can try it.

i found a solution ,just use wireless network,just try it.

What do you mean using wireless network, could you please be more specific?