CAn`t download content after phurches.

Am having a issue where i can`t download the content after order.

Hi WCode,

There was some type of error with that pack and it was pulled temporarily. I’m getting someone from Marketplace team to see if you need a refund or if the charge did not go through. They’ll fix you up.

We’re looking at this right now. Apologies for the inconvenience. We’ll get this fixed for you ASAP!

I seem to be having the same issue:

Thank you for posting. We’re working through our troubleshooting steps now and it may take until later tonight or tomorrow for the content to re-publish, but we’ll make sure this works for you. If each of you wouldn’t mind emailing, I’ll handle this personally to make sure you get your content.

Emailed. Thanks, Jon. :slight_smile:

This is happening here too, but I know it’s a temporary problem, I can wait;)


Email sendt thanks for looking into it Jon.

same issue here

The download\syncing issue is now fixed. If anyone is still seeing issues with this, please mail Thanks, and apologies for the inconvenience.

I’ll be responding to everyone that emailed in individually this morning and afternoon.

Hello and thanks i can confirm its fixed.
Downloading content now.