Can´t cook my map?

hey all,

first of wanted to say i’m new to modding and the Ark dev kit, i started one week ago and wanted to try this out since i loved making maps for some older games.
The problem i encounter atm is that i can’t cook the map i made. i followed all the basic tutorials i could find and even if i followed these steps i wansn’t able cook/upload the map to steam. i’m trying to get this working since 2 days now and im starting to pull my hair out.
any of you guys have any idea what i’m doing wrong?

thanks in advance!

I got a few questions, bear with me here;

  1. Do you have all the key things from TheSmallIsland’s Scene Outliner copied over along with having setup Truesky’s Day & Night cycle in the main level’s blueprint?

  2. Are you using the most recent steps provided since the update to 200.5 to cook out your map?

  3. Is anything actually even cooking out into your modtools cooked folder for the mod?

Thank you for responding sinaris!

1 - i think i did copy all the neded scene outliner files from ThesmallIsland’s scene outliner, not sure what you mean by main level blueprint, it’s the primal gamedata_BP right?
but i can’t find the truesky’s day & night cycles their
2- i am :slight_smile:
3- yeah there are 4 files there, Modconfigs. Output steamCMD and Seamvdf.template right now.

Thanks for the help! i’ll stay up all night to fix this if i need to!

  1. Open up the main level map for your TheSmallIsland. Then go to blueprints in the toolbar on the top. From there select Level Blueprints. It will open up the level blueprint and you will find there all of the blueprints for Truesky. You need to copy over all those blueprints, and re-reference YOUR versions of the actors where it says unknown for some of the object references. This is done by clicking and dragging from the scene outliner on your map the actors; example would be dragging the DaytimeMatinee into the blueprint to create the object reference. This can also be done by having it selected in the scene outliner and the right clicking; then adding the reference via the options at the top of the UI window that opens.

This is not an easy process, but is not the reason the files are not cooking out I don’t think.

  1. Under output is there any folders/files there from your map?

thanks again for the help!
i’l give you a litle update first, i reinstalled the editor since it stopped working every time i tried to ‘‘save as’’ any file. now i can save and also upload the mod, however, when i try it will just load up the main map, ‘‘TheIsland’’ instead of my map.
currently working the level blueprint! i really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

@Mazztricksnl you can check out the “so you want to make a map” link in my signature to find out exactly what needs to be done to get a map started, There might be some steps and tips that you have not thought about :slight_smile:

i tried to check your link but it is 404 :stuck_out_tongue:

Ehm fixed, So you want to make a map - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums

thx checking it out right now!

actually i used your guide already for most of my map :slight_smile: it helped me alot!
now i have another Question for you when i try to test te mod in Ue4 i get the error : Infinite Loop detected in blueprint: ‘‘mapname’’ do you know how to fix this?

This would be caused by a error in your blueprint, Id go back to the theisland or smallisland depending on where you got your level blueprint from and double checking that you set it up correctly