Can’t connect Add Impulse to my actor’s StaticMeshComponent

Hey all. Having a weird issue with my blueprint and wondering if anyone can spot what I’m doing wrong. I have a StaticMeshActor that’s movable and has physics simulation enabled; in my level blueprint, I’ve got it hooked up to some other physics malarkey (Set Constrained Components) which works fine. The problem I’m running into is that an Add Impulse I’ve now added refuses to connect to the actor—if I drag from an existing Static Mesh Component thing to the Add Impulse’s Target pin, it says that “Static Mesh Component Reference is not compatible with Main Reference”, and if I drag from the actor directly, it creates an intermediate Static Mesh Component and then refuses to connect that either.

Am I misunderstanding what “Target” means here, or missing a conversion step, or what? Does the Add Impulse need to be inside the actor’s own blueprint?

The target should be self and it should be called inside the actors BP.

When you are selecting the AddImpulse function it should list one for each object it can target. AddImpulse (static mesh)

If your not seeing something like that then make sure you compile and save. Once “self” is in the target pin, your set.

Aha—you’re right, I had the wrong AddImpulse. With the “Context Sensitive” box checked, trying to add an Add Impulse in the level blueprint makes its target “main_C (NewVar0)”, which is not useful; unchecking that box and selecting the Add Impulse under Physics > Components did the trick. Thanks!