Can sub components of Actors be "applied" like they would in blender?

I have an Actor I am building. The root of it is a capsule and I want to be able to have that moving in any horizontal direction.

A sub component is a Plane with an image on. I want that image always facing the player even though the actor itself may be going in a different direction.

I’ve had no problem in getting the whole actor to face the player, however when it does it also moves towards the payer which I do not want. When I try instead to do this with the plane things go bad. This is because when you create a plane it seems to be horizontal. Thus I have to rotate the plane within the actor for it to be the right way up i.e. Vertical. When I try and apply the rotation to the plane it reverts to its original orientation then pivots towards the player. Thus I get a laying down version of the image.

Feels like I need to be able to apply the rotation of the plane within the Actor so that its default rotation is the one it has within the object rather than the one it is added to the scene with. Is there something I am missing here…?

Just use a billboard material. problem solved.

Ta MostHost, I will look up how to get that to work. Seen a few vids in the past but not yet tried it. I thought that might not work for me but got to be worth a go. I’ve had one quick go but that hasn’t worked so will try something else tomorrow when the better half is at work…

It’s probably easier to make the “rotation” of the sub-component be “world space” rather than “local/inherit space” in the setup (there’s a checkbox for this.)
This lets you orient it however you want, for example, using look-at to see the camera.

JWatte Interesting. I was thinking worldspace was my issue because the move on the component was happening in worldspace and then the object had the wrong direction when the component tried to draw it in place. I will look for that tick box and play with it. My experiments with billboard materials have not gone well. I’m still looking for a good tutorial on how to set it up as the one I did follow does not seem to do anything :frowning: