Can static meshes be merged at runtime??

I know the merge static meshes tool in the editor, I have used it that way, but I need now to merge staticmeshes in runtime (since the way my game works, the user/player will stack some objects and from there they wont be moved again so the ideal is merge them to avoid extra draw calls) can that be made? can it be made in blueprints? or at least in c++?

I have tried so far the Procedural Mesh but it does not seem to be the best option…

thanks for any help.

Think you might be out of luck on this one I’m afraid. Don’t think there really is much support for dynamic batching in UE4… :frowning:

Only think I could really think of is that you could have either a skeletal mesh that contains a number of duplicates of the same mesh (10 red boxes), that when 10 of the normal meshes have been locked down you replace them with one of the skeletal mesh actors. Setting the bone position/rotations to mach up with the normal actor locations. Then turn off the rendering of the normal boxes. Or the same thing with a material, and just use vertex offset to match the geo up with the actor locations… Not sure if either of these approaches would save you much though, as adding in a bunch of skeletal mesh probably isn’t going to be great.

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It can now be done(merging static meshes at run time), email me @ [EMAIL=“”] if anyone is interested

Wrote you a message.