Can soome check this bug in version highter them 4.22?

Hello, so I got really strange bug, If I pressed any button in UI packaged game stops to get events from arrows conrols untill I click somewhere with mouse, but In editor test all woks fine.

Package this project for Windows, and try to press WASD and arrows (you will see changes in front) before you pressed the button, after you pressed the button, and after you clicked somewhere after pressing the button. (980.3 KB)

4.27 dont have this bug, but this version dont have x32 Windows package support, and have strange default camera camera in packaged project without player camera set. Just asked mayme someone have 4.23-4.26 :slight_smile:

So if you using 4.22 or version with that bug, you can solve it like that (After pressed button. Self its defaul engine variable)

This site also have bug, and with 100MB file limit dont let me upload 66MB zip, so you can check how this bug looks like here - Google Drive

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