Can someone write a tutorial on how to access the UGC modding plugin locked behind Github?

Supposedly Unreal Engine has a modding solution, but it’s locked behind Github with no explanation of how to access it. Normally in Unreal Engine, you can just download plugins, but that’s not the case with modding.

How do you access the modding stuff that’s locked behind Github?

How do you download it from Github and add it to your Unreal Engine project?

The only video I can find about Unreal Engine UGC modding is 1 hour and 30 minutes of pointless conversation that drags & drags & drags:

Follow the steps on this page:

This will add you to Epics developer group on GitHub, giving you access to all resources available there - incl. the full engine source (that you need for the SimpleUGC plugin anyways) and the SimpleUGC project (the GitHub link on the announcement page will then just work).