Can Someone Update the Animation Starter Pack for 4.10?

It would be extremely useful if someone could update the Animation Starter Pack in the Marketplace to be compatible with 4.10. Thanks in advance.

use it in 4.9 and create a project with it… Open the editor 4.10 and select that project that is 4.9. Click on open and select make a copy so that you have a backup in case that it fails. Now you know what you can do… If not, I suggest you to search for tutorials on updating projects to newer engine versions. Hope it helped.

The Animation Starter Pack has been updated to work with Unreal Engine 4.10. There shouldn’t be any compatibility issues, I believe. Epic’s typically pretty quick at getting this done.

As they are animations, you should be able to use them with future versions of the engine, even if they have not officially been marked as “compatible” by Epic.