Can someone tell me why my event dispatcher is not firing an even level BP from Widget BP

What is wrong with this setup?
It looks like I have to use a for each loop to reach the Widget BP I cant seem to cast to it.
TY :slight_smile:

Can you subscribe / bind an event to a foreachloop?
Or does it have to be a casting node?
Thank you!
I know it works on a casting node.

The foreachloop is firing that works but I get an accessed none error after play looks like the subscribed event node cant be “read” ??

The accessed none tells you precisely what’s wrong, no? What you’re showing above looks fine. If the subscribed event no longer exists, no call is done. The accessed none comes from something else we’re not seeing here.

Get All returns the correct type already, there’s no need to cast.

It’s fine as is.

Here is the answer. Looks like you cant directly for reasons stated in this video: UMG To Level Blueprint Communication - YouTube
It has something to do with at the start of the game the “widgets done really exist yet”.
So I guess you have to work with a game instance or game mode that fires up right at the start. :slight_smile:
So its a three step process.

Thank you Everynone you help a lot of people out we really appreciate it :-):cool:

You obviously can’t do something to objects that do not exist.

You could but why - how does GI/GM guarantee the widgets are already created, unless you painstakingly control the order of execution?

Bind the events as you create the widgets - this way it always works, no matter what happens after. If they’re user widgets placed manually in a parent container, you use Construct or Initialise (orwhatshername).

I am working on doing things after event init in the game instance. That will work. :slight_smile:

Got it thank you!

An Interface call from On_Clicked is the way to go imo…

Thank you.

This works 100 percent.

It finally all works. It looks like a mess because I am not using a Save Game Data Object I am working straight off the SaveGameObject so there are a lot of wires going all over the place.

You know you can create a reference, right; and then use it anywhere in any graph, macro or function. Even using some reroutes would decimate that spaghetti.

Ah, blueprints. :slight_smile: Good to see you got it to work!

Yup thank you.
I know about the reference variable and I am going to start using that today.
The story behind me not liking to create the reference variable is as follows.
I was using a foreachloop for 3 weeks now and for 3 weeks I didn’t use the “completed” out pin I was using the “loop body” out pin.
So in the background very quietly that was causing a lot of headaches for me and I thought it was that reference variable or the save to slot node.
I kept getting the wrong data written into the wrong slots.
I thought it was the ref variable or the save to slot node that was causing the problem.
Also after a Windows update my machine was running a little slower (which is perfectly normal for a Windows update because Windows always never really completes and
update when it says it does there are always things installing or working right after an update) so that made the problem worse.
Then that loop failed horribly because it was running slower of course.
I am just making that conclusion without knowing for sure.
Also I had problems running my laptop on a battery obviously because then everything is a little slower on the machine.
So all along I thought it was either the variable or the same to slot node or Window updates but it was just the wrong out pin I was using on the foreachloop.
Wha !!!