Can someone tell me what the file unrealvs.vsct is?

I want to look at the source code for UE by opening UnrealVS_2019.sln in VS2019 and am getting cannot find file unrealvs.vsct. I haven’t come across this file extension before. Anyone know what it is and where it should be?

Hi. @Firstonearth

Open folder \UE_4.26\Engine\Extras\UnrealVS\VS2019

Try run UnrealVS.vsix

If any problem let me know. My discord Andrew Bindraw #9014

Thanks for your reply Andrew. I actually have the release branch which wasn’t given as an option in the product version list box but assumed 4_26 would do - the Engine\Extras\UnrealVS\VS2019 directory is empty. Would it be better to download a version other than the release branch?

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