Can someone "port" my game without my support? (from PC to PS4 and XBOX)

I’m looking for advice and information about console porting (both PS4 and Xbox ONE)

Let me share as many details as possible about the project I’m working on:

  • I’ve been working with my team on this Windows PC game for almost 2 years.
  • I’m the only programmer in the team and I’ve managed ALL the game code.
  • The game is a blueprint only project and it is quite complex with tons of mechanics, AIs, features etc.
  • It is my first experience with programming and I’ve learned to script by working on this, I’ve never done this before in my life.

A small company we know proposed us to establish a collaboration to release the game on consoles.
This company have already released a game for PS4 but is it nothing compared to the complexity and the ambitious nature of our project.
What they offer is that once our game is completed they will start working on the porting, completely taking charge of the development side for the console versions.
They assured that my involvement in their work would be pretty none or near zero.
What I wanted to ask, is this last point believable?

I mean, after 2 years I’m pretty confident about my coding skills but I’m not sure that another person is able to understand/manage my work without any wide support.
They also said that blueprints make things easier for them because blueprints are easier to understand/read.
What I’ve heard instead (even here in the forum) is that a full game done in blueprints is hard to read. For instance, complex features can become convoluted and hard to read by another person.
Where does the truth lay?
So I just wanted to hear some external opinion on this topic by more experienced people than me…

How is the contract? Does it Looks good or bad? I mean, no help or Support from you? My own game, only a jump and run (Released on steam), is hard to read. And it is hard to read for me too if i look over all the scripts. Some scripts i forgot what i have done, beacuse i made it once and then never have to look into.

And how’s about the licence for console? Is this managed by the Company or do you have a console licene?

Blueprints are not all that hard to read, if its all laid out well and documented.
Some of the better Marketplace packs are practically works of art in this regard.
The key here is how well the receiving team gets and understands Epic’s API etc.

Plus how well you’ve done your part + whether an engine upgrade is needed too.
There’s always specialist strengths / weaknesses, so its better to find out theirs.
You should be able to rate yourself vs. them upfront, otherwise the mark is you! :slight_smile: